The word Tajweed and Quran are complementary to each other. Tajweed can be applied for reciting Quran and no Quran recital is considered complete unless it is followed and sanctified by the use of Tajweed. Etymologically, Tajweed means “making things better”, or “improving things”. When Tajweed is applied to Quran recital the reading becomes more appealing and consecrated. Let’s know Tajweed from its close view aspects.
Tajweed Quran is the most preferred way to recital of Quran as suggested by Prophet Muhammad for enjoying the eternal bliss and peace of mind however a few principles are to be followed here.

Its percept
Knowledge of Tajweed is “fardhkifayaah” that meanspeople of the Muslim community must identify and learn it, and its presentation is fardh ‘ain, essential to learn for all Muslims (men and women) who have learn the complete Quran or part of it, even if only one surah is memorized by them.

Reasons for following Tajweed
The main reason for learning Tajweed is protecting the holy Qur'an and conserving its legacy from misrepresentation.  The Arabs got mixed with non-Arabs after the wide spread of Islam, and the Islamic gurus anticipated that the pure Arab tongue may become corrupted with this random melding.  It then became obligatorytoreserve the recital of the Qur’an freefrom errors, and it was being considered as a promise that the reader of the Qur'an will maintain the integrity of pronunciation as per Tajweed.

Its principles    
The skill of Tajweed is depending on 4vital factors. These are:
  • ·         Information of the enunciation points of the letters
  • ·         Information of the features of the letters
  • ·         Information of about the rules change in the letters due to the order
  • ·         Exercise the tongue and practicing by lots of repetition.
By maintaining Tajweed Quran rules and regulations you should recite Quran. Now it is possible to learn Tajweed for Quran from online resources like


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