It is said that Quran is a link between the lives on earth and after death. Those who can remember Quran entirely help themselves to attain better spiritual height and that helps them in attaining a peaceful state of mind state. Therefore Quran is rightly considered as the best link between God and his followers, and reading this holy book is good for complete wellbeing.
Some wise men have described Quran as the invisible shield which can save us from temptations and evil forces around. All efforts to memorize Quran is thus as effort for the betterment of our existence on earth and showing better obedience to God’s words. Memorizing Quran is a conscious struggle to understand His words and follow them in our own life for attaining peace and a natural liberation from anger, hatred, and envy. The skill and ability to remember Quran is the other way to enjoy purification of heart and to enjoy a blissful state of mind.

According to Islam, learning each verse in the Quran is like climbing a step ahead toward heaven. So the virtue to memorize Quran is almost equal to reaching heaven by your own Karma. Memorizing Quran is offering worship to Almighty and to show optimum obedience to his way to attain love and peace at heart.
Tips for memorizing Quran
·         You must have pure objective for learning and memorizing the holy words of Quran. If you have ardent urge to keep them in your memory, you will be successful for sure in memorizing this Holy book.
·         Devotion for accuracy is the other quality you should have in memorizing Quran. The verses are special andholy words. They should be uttered with best authenticity to enjoy the best effect.

·         In order to memorize Quran you need to practice itdaily with best sincerity and honesty.
Regular revision and recitation are the best possible supports you can offer yourself for memorizing Quran: it will be your lifetime asset.


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